our development values

At Cynara Development Services, I define development as a process of change that improves a situation, solves a problem, or addresses a need in a sustainable and systemic way. I will help you do development that gives power to women’s voices and operationalizes gender equity to rectify current and past injustices of a misogynistic and patriarchal society. I seek to do this with a lens to the multiple identities and privileges that intersect with gender, while recognizing I have privileges (whiteness, ablebodiedness, cisgender, straight, and so on) that limit my full understanding of intersectionality.

I recognize that the term ‘development’ often bears negative connotations as a result of it being used to further political agendas, sustain colonial involvement in under-resourced communities and countries, benefit corporate interests, or meet the desire to “do good” as part of the white savior industrial complex. To ensure that I do not replicate these negative development processes, I commit to upholding the following values in every service I provide:  

§  JUSTICE: groups that have been systematically marginalized from accessing opportunities and positions of power must be centered in development policies and programs.

§  POWER: all people have the right to inform, influence, and be represented in the decisions that affect them

§  EQUITY: individuals from groups that have experienced systemic injustices - including white supremacy, patriarchy, homophobia, ableism, imperialism, and colonialism – deserve to have structural, legal, and/or monetary resources to correct for those current and past injustices.

§  AGENCY: every person has the right to choose how to live their own lives

§  ACCESS: all people deserve equal access to opportunities and resources

§  DIGNITY: all people deserve to feel valued and respected