what we do


Strategic Planning

We will help you come up with a strategic plan for achieving social impact using data-driven analysis and stakeholder input. We help you prioritize your goals, identify indicators for measuring results, and develop an action plan. We will turn your ideas into an actionable plan and develop collaborative systems online to help you monitor it.

Gender Justice and Inclusiveness Training

We design and conduct trainings and workshops for teams about how gender norms, stereotypes, and power relations permeate our lives, what this means for your work, and what you need to do about it. Our gender trainings are grounded in research while focusing on the practical implications and concrete changes organizations and individuals must make to operationalize its commitment to gender justice.

Tools, Manuals, and Resource Development

We design user-friendly resources to help you operationalize gender and other social justice principles. Tell us what you need and we will work with you to create a tool, manual, or other resource that is creative, clear, convenient, and customized to your context.

Workshop Facilitation

We will facilitate your workshops or meetings using participatory, creative, and interactive methodologies that are grounded in adult learning theory. Our PowerPoints, if we use them, are never boring and rarely bulleted.

Program Evaluation

We can evaluate the impact of your work and help you learn from it. Using a range of evaluation methods - including quantitative data analysis, surveys, interviews, and focus groups - we will assess and analyze who you have impacted and how.

Research and Analysis

We do action-focused research to inform policies and programs, drawing on a range of research methodologies including literature reviews, descriptive data analysis, surveys, interviews, and focus groups. We specialize in gender analysis research about how a development problem and proposed solution affects men and women differently, with a lens toward intersectionality of non-gender confirming and other identities.

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