Cynara Development Services is run by Lindsey Jones-Renaud. She is an expert on gender equitable programming, policy-making, planning, and organizational development. See below for examples of her work.


Strategic Planning for the DC Abortion Fund

Lindsey led the DC Abortion Fund through an eight-month strategic planning process. She designed and facilitated a strategic planning workshop with the 13-member Board of Directors and guided them in development of strategic priorities, implementation plans, and indicators for monitoring success. She also conducted interviews and focus groups with stakeholders to get their feedback and created an online, collaborative work plan for Board members to hold each other accountable in implementing the plan.

Lindsey did an incredible job managing an eight-month strategic planning process for our all-volunteer organization. She kept us on track, helped us hone in on our values and priorities, and made sure we left with the tools and documents we needed to meet our goals over the next three years. Our team particularly appreciated her flexibility, expertise in different facilitation and information-gathering techniques, and quick turn-around with different pieces of the project.
— Lauren Weiss, Vice President of the DC Abortion Fund

Gender Justice Bootcamp Training for Oxfam America

Lindsey designed and led a 3-day Gender Justice Bootcamp for 20 members of the gender justice team at Oxfam America. Topics included: gender, socialization, and biology; intersectionality; applying a theory of change for gender justice; sexual harassment; power analysis and collective action; and understanding resistance to gender justice. The Bootcamp was grounded in practical application in participants’ daily work at Oxfam America and ended with action items and strategic priorities for the group’s collective work.

[Lindsey] stuck to the agenda without rushing things. She managed her time well. She was engaging and so self-aware. She knew exactly when people were tuning in and out and what to do. She also totally kept it real by highlighting what our challenges are and what’s complex and how we can move forward.
— Participant, Oxfam America Gender Justice Bootcamp
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Survivor-Centered Approaches to Workplace Harassment

Lindsey designed and led anti-harassment trainings for 170 employees at World Learning. The training took a survivor/victim-centered approach to preventing and addressing harassment. It focused on how harassment is rooted in power imbalances and inequality. Lindsey also organized two bystander intervention trainings led by the grassroots organization, Collective Action for Safe Spaces, for groups in Washington DC.

Lindsey provided exceptionally engaging and though-provoking facilitation throughout the sessions, which included large numbers of staff. We particularly appreciated her creative use of technology to give all participants a safe way to engage in a sensitive topic, and how she developed content that brought a much-needed and nuanced lens to the challenge of preventing and addressing sexual harassment and assault. We were very happy with Lindsey’s professional approach to the work and her expert facilitation!
— Jennifer Collins-Foley, training stakeholder and participant
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Job-Aides, Toolkits, and Research

Lindsey has developed numerous tools, and resources that provide guidance to users in a concrete in a user-friendly manner, including:

[The Cultivating Women’s Empowerment publication] is beautiful and a wonderfully easy read. Amazing work.
— Kristin O'Planick, Market Systems & Enterprise Development Specialist at USAID

For a comprehensive description of Lindsey's past experiences and accomplishments, please download her CV here